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Coffee and Movies

Good Saturday morning!

I can’t believe I slept in until 9:30!! Holy Cow. Sheff was getting quite impatient with me… so now I’m up with him, the food network, and my morning coffee, while The Boy continues his slumber. That boy can certainly get his sleep on!

The weather these last few days has been absolutely gorgeous – sunny and in the 50s!! Today is continuing that trend, so I’m hoping to get out and enjoy it. A trip to the Knoxville Zoo may be in the day’s future… they offer really cheap tickets during the winter, and I’ve heard it’s a decent zoo (considering the smaller city size of Knoxville).

Also on the plan for today?

  • A trip to the movies to see: Up in the Air
  • Using The Boy’s assistance to finally move the Christmas Tree up to the attic
  • A trip to Home Depot to replace some ceiling lights
  • Backyard fun with the new Ladderball game we bought over Thanksgiving

Dinner last night was awesome. I cooked up a big meal while he drove in from Nashville (and ignored his idea when he was 30 minutes away to “let’s just go out to eat…”). Being the good and considerate girlfriend that I am, I always make sure that he has his meat at all meals…. but not last night! I made a wonderful butternut squash risotto and comprehensive salad (even got him bacon bits and ranch croutons!). It was awesome! I used Ina Garten’s recipe, modifying it by adding a handful of peas at the end for color.

And… how did he feel about a meatless dinner?

So.. how did you like the risotto?”

Oh it was good. But it seemed like a side dish

Grrr…. he still has a way to go in vegetarian-appreciation. I’m not done on this quest!

I also baked up some brownies and bought Mayfield’s ice cream for some yummy dessert sundaes. I’ve been reading Elizabeth Berg’s “Dream When You’re Feeling Blue” about a family going through World War II, and I guess it’s bringing out the 1940s housewife side in me. hahahaha.


I’m also debating whether or not to sign up for Netflix. I’ve heard such good things from friends, coworkers and relatives, and for less than $10 a month, it seems like it would be worth it. Plus, with the IMDB Top 250 Challenge that The Boy and I have started, it would sure be helpful! Maybe I’ll sign up today after checking the finances ;)

Have a great Saturday and weekend everyone!



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