A little doga this afternoon


Work was fairly simple today. Had a nice morning at the Knox County Health Department, listening to the Tennessee Commissioner of Health, Susan Cooper (of Vanderbilt fame!) address the state of public health here in TN. Some good stuff we’re doing here, moving on up to 44th in the country for health. Hey! It beats 50th :)

After work I did a little yoga, to stretch and unwind. I rolled out my mat, and did some basic stretches. As I did my first downward dog, I heard Sheff walk over to me. I said to him “Hey buddy, do you want to stretch with me?” and no joke, within 5 minutes, he stretched out into down dog alongside me! It was hysterical and I busted out laughing. This is really what doga is! Maybe I should take him to one of those classes? hahaha

I also found out that Knoxville has a Mardi Growl dog parade coming up next month. We will most definitely be going. Now Sheff just needs a costume!

OK, time for a bath and reading before heading over to Panera for my first Meet/Greet with a group of women new to East Tennessee! Maybe I can make some friends :)


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