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40s have never felt so good

It felt like a heat wave today: sunny, blue skies and low 40s on the thermometer. Wonderful!

I didn’t have a very busy day today, so I was able to get home and take Sheff for a nice walk in town. I got to use my Garmin Forerunner (it doesn’t get used much with all my gym workouts) and track our speed. Cool!


I also took a few minutes tonight to make a donation to the Haiti Earthquake disaster relief. If you’re wondering where to send your money – here is a nice list of charities/agencies that are accepting money, and a summary of their work in Haiti. I chose to donate to Friends of the World Food Program, being the foodie that I am. I know that most Haitians struggle to get by on a normal day, so I cannot imagine what’s facing them now. But if my small donation can get a few meals to a family, then that’s something.

Not too much exciting news to report. Laundry night tonight. Oh, and catching up on this week’s House episode. Now that I finally have DVR, I don’t have to plan my TV shows into my schedule, so I can watch them whenever I please! Lovely.

Dinners this week have been boring, and I even resorted to a frozen pizza last night. It was a Freschetta Brick Oven Spinach and Mushroom pizza, which was fairly good, except for the intensely strong pieces of whole garlic that covered the surface. Good thing I ate it alone!!

Later gators!

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