Snow Day, Day 2

Greetings readers!

Today has been a fun day thus far – slept in (well, until 8), enjoyed coffee and a banana choc chip muffin for breakfast with The Today Show, and a little of Polly’s yoga before a hot shower!

It’s a lovely winter day today. The sun has been out, and the temp has actually reached freezing! yay!! So now I can hear the trickle of the snow melting off the roof. Sheff and I bundled up and walked down to get the paper, rather than driving. I’m a little concerned because, as the driveway’s snow is melting, it’s revealing the nasty thin layer of ice underneath, which I would imagine is much worse than the top coating of fluffy snow for driving….

The road is completely clear and dry now, which is great news. My brunch was cancelled this morning, and I rearranged my waxing appointment, so I can stay in another day, but I think tomorrow should be OK to get out and about a little.

So.. day 2 of housebound activities has included thus far:

  • Sweeping, swiffering and vacuuming
  • Sink cleaning
  • Dog brushing
  • Bird feeding
  • Christmas un-decorating
  • E-mailing and Etsy-ing :)

I’m looking forward to doing some reading now. Later today I’m going to have my first solo fire, and watch Hook that is currently being recorded. I haven’t seen that in forever! And dinner is pasta with broccoli rabe, sun-dried tomatoes and white beans. I picked up the recipe at Whole Foods last weekend and I’m excited about trying it.

Hasta la pasta!



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