Snow Day Adventures

Sheff and I have had quite the relaxing and fun snow day today!

I got to back some delicious Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. Recipe is based on this one, but I modified by using mostly whole-wheat flour, added a tsp vanilla, used canola oil instead of melted butter, and reduced the choc chip amount. Oh, and I sprinkled flax meal on top for a little crunch. yum!

I also got the chance to watch 3 morning talk shows while I undecorated the Christmas tree.

Around lunch time, Sheff and I decided to brave the driveway and pick up the newspaper. Although Sheff wanted to run down to the street, we took the car to stay warm. It was my first snow driving experience, and we managed fine going down to the street (at 2 mph), but coming back up the driveway there’s a hill, which was pretty slippery. Made me nervous, but we’re A-OK. I still think it was a good idea to stay home today! Turns out the hospital called a “Code Gray” last night and made any staff left spend the night there, since several people were running off the road and the salt truck couldn’t get back.

When the sun came out, it turned out to be a beautiful day (at least, looking at it from in here!)

These are Sheff’s paw prints in the snow. Note how they’re all in a straight line. How does a four-legged dog do that??


This was Sheff at the top of the driveway. He has had so much fun racing around!


The deer made their appearance after lunch. We must’ve had 7 or 8 out there. They stayed a while, until I took Sheff out for a run, and his massive bark scared them all away.


And here he is, sleeping on my new yoga mat since his bed is covered up by piles of christmas decorations. We were yoga-ing earlier with Martha Stewart, but I forgot to put it away :)


So what’s left on the plan for today? Well, starting my new book, cooking up a late dinner (had a big lunch at 3), and hoping to catch a movie on TV later.

Tomorrow I have a brunch planned with a group that I’m excited to attend, but I just hope everything will be safe outside! We’ll see how it goes….


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