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My first work snow day!

First up, let me just say kudos to both the Alabama and Texas football teams. I didn’t quite make it through the whole game… but it was devastating to see the Longhorns play without Colt McCoy. I cannot imagine how scared and stressed that poor freshman must have been, but I feel that everyone gave it their all, and that’s all you can do, right?


I woke up this morning around 7am, secretly hoping to see that the snow would be gone. But obviously it’s still there. With temperatures remaining below freezing through the entire weekend, I guess it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. Boo.


The icy roads are my main concern. My boss said that his 4 wheel drive truck slide a little bit getting out of his subdivision, as well as on the road leading to the hospital. He knows that A) I live out in the country, with lots of back roads to take and B) I have a horrible fear of being out and about in wintry weather. And so, he was so generous to say “You know, it wouldn’t kill me if you didn’t come in today”. Fabulous!! 

I’m still waiting on a call from him about how many patients I am supposed to see. Hopefully it isn’t much. I could always come in for a few hours this weekend and catch up… but I don’t really know that the roads would be much better.

And so, I am planning on enjoying my first work snow day today!!

On the agenda:

  • Go back to sleep after receiving the boss’s phone call with the all-clear
  • Watching daytime shows that I never get to see: Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, and Ellen
  • Taking the ornaments off the christmas tree
  • Baking banana bread/muffins with my 1.5 overripe bananas begging to be used (0.5 made it into this morning’s oatmeal)
  • Getting my 401K account set up (I consider that my real “work” for the day)
  • Reading my new book! I just finished Elizabeth Berg’s “Durable Goods” and have another of hers to start now :)

Sheff is inviting me to share the couch with him. Sounds good to me! Happy Snow Day!



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