Snowy and Icy :(

After having yesterday’s heat wave of finally reaching 32 degrees, today was the second blast of artic-ness. The flurries started just after lunch, and by the time I left work the back roads were already a little iced over. Crap!

I made it home safely and am staying put all night. Looks like the front has finished passing through about now, so I don’t think we’ll get anymore than the inch or two that we got, but I’ll admit that I am worried about the roads tomorrow. Icy roads do not sound fun to me!

My plan?

  • Sleep in tomorrow until 7
  • Check the news and weather, and see what things look like outside
  • Enjoy my morning, taking my time to make some delicious oatmeal with an overripe banana
  • Check in with the hospital before I head out, to make sure the road is OK. If not? Guess I’m staying here! That’s the nice thing about being the RD…. I think the patients can manage for a day without having me come around and talk about nutrition.


Tonight is the national championship for college football, of course. Hook’em Horns! Sheff and I are cuddling up on the couch to watch this one. It’ll be a late night… good thing I don’t have to get up early in the morning!


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