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Psych patients at work AND home..

Good, busy day at work today! The hospital census was WAY up after New Year (as predicted), giving me lots to do :)

I stopped at the gym and pharmacy on the way home, and arrived to a happy puppy. He raced outside, ran around the front, rolled on his back (although the 25 degree weather led to shorter rolls).

From the back window, I watched as he jumped around the back yard with a large stuffed cat animal (left from Annie the crazy mini lab). He was having so much fun out there with the toy! And then…. all of a sudden, something snapped. He dropped the cat, put his tail between his legs, his head down, and raced to the door to come inside. What on earth is wrong with my fur baby?! I went out, couldn’t see or hear anything that would’ve been an obvious scare.

After trying to distract him with dinner, cookie monster, or Diane Sawyer, I gave up and gave him one of his emergency-only sedatives.

3 hours later….

He’s totally out on the couch. I ate my dinner in peace (always enjoyable!), and found him creeping into the kitchen while I did the dishes. Poor dear, he’s so drugged, his legs were slipping out from under him. When he tried to walk back to the couch, I found that his legs were criss-crossing. Like a drunk!

I can’t get him to go outside and do his bedtime business. Not sure if he’s still scared of whatever it was, or if he’s just too drugged/drunk to know why I’m wanting him to go outside. Sigh. The life of having a psychotic/neurotic fur baby :(

In other news…

The Boy and I are planning a 2010 challenge: work our way through IMDB’s Top 250 movies of all time. Being the movie buff that he is, he’s already seen a lot. Me… I’ve probably seen 10, maybe 12. hahaha.

So we used a random number generator and picked 5 numbers to get us going:

190 – Harvey
16 – Ciudade de Deus (City of God)
209 – Duck Soup
149 – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
241 – His Girl Friday

Surprisingly, we landed on 5 that neither of us had seen (and I hardly recognized). Some of these are super old, and may be hard to find, so I think we’ll be starting with Butch Cassidy. We’ll (or, I will) keep you updated on our cinematic journey!

Now off to watch tonight’s Big Bang Theory (rerun) and a little bible reading before bed. Stay warm everyone! According to Diane Sawyer, this is the coldest winter in 25 years!! Brrrr

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