Happy New Year!

2010 is here!

Watching The Tournament of Roses Parade right now. Can’t believe The Boy has never seen it? It’s always a tradition to watch it in my family on New Year’s morning. The floats are so cool to look at and see all the organic materials used!

We didn’t do anything crazy exciting for our New Year’s. I got into Nashville around 5ish, starving, and we headed out for dinner. The Boy had picked a Japanese Hibachi-style restaurant, actually where we went on our first date, but unfortunately they told us it was a 2 and a half hour wait (he claims they were lying). Anyway… we headed over towards my old apartment building and had dinner at Tin Angel – which wasn’t crowded at all! They had a limited New Year’s Eve menu, and I was fortunate to find a vegetarian dish – Butternut Squash Lasagna – which I was really excited about … until I took a bite and realized the cheese filling was goat cheese!! :( horrible. But my appetizer was delish. A tomato, mozzarella and caramelized puff pastry tart with balsamic glaze. mmm

After dinner we went to Dave and Buster’s for a little fun before coming back and watching the New York festivities on TV. I actually had my first experience playing Guitar Hero – that is not nearly as easy as I had expected!!

We actually stayed up until 1am, which amazed me. I woke up with Sheff at 7:45, and have been wide awake since. The Boy has since moved out here to the couch with me, but is still sleeping. haha.

Not sure what’s on task for the first day of New Year’s – definitely some cleaning of this apartment and grocery shopping, and maybe a movie?

Best wishes for your New Year!!


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