Back at the farm

Here we are!

So Sheff and I made it back to the farm safe and sound. He was actually a perfect travel companion and slept in the back without making a peep. We stopped every 3 hours / 200 miles, at most of the state line welcome centers for bathroom/water breaks. Without any extensive stops, I was so excited to be able to make it back in 15 hours…. that is until we got to the top of Georgia/Tennessee border and sat in backed up traffic for one hour. Yup. The area just west of Chattanooga always seems to be accident-prone. I let Sheff get some fresh air at this point – he stuck his head out the window and loudly cried, showing his disappointment to our fellow drivers. haha

All by ourselves :(

So long to the weekend visitors and long-staying relatives. 2010 could be a long lonely year for Sheff and I. I just need to find some way to make some friends in East Tennessee and get out of the house, other than work. When you go the whole day and the only people you speak to are psych patients…. it’s a little sad. The Boy gave me a good pep talk yesterday and perked me back up. Thanks dear!

Looking forward to New Year’s!

Road trip on Thursday to Nashville to have New Year’s with The Boy. Sheff and I are very excited. And not only because we’re missing out on the potential high winds and snow that the farm will be dealing with. haha. I had planned a 4 mile walk this Saturday (since my half-marathon training official begins this weekend) but with Nashville’s weather not getting much above freezing the whole weekend, it is going to be hard to stay motivated to go! Too bad The Boy isn’t much for long walks. When I told him of my plan, his response was “Well you better get up early and do that while I’m still sleeping!”. Boo. Sheff is an excellent walking partner. Too bad he doesn’t have a sweater or fleece. haha

And the Christmas Decorations are Still Up….

I walked back into a house full of Christmas decor. My family spent a lot of time getting everything decorated here in the last few weeks while I worked. So I have no idea where things came from, and yet I’m the only one here to deal with it. Boo. I have no intention of cleaning it up before my new year’s trip… so that will be on next week’s to-do list ;)

In random /quick news bites:

  • Yay for Georgia’s win last night in the Independence Bowl
  • Boo for the tiny, miniscule mouse living in my pantry that I can’t seem to trap
  • Yay for cleaning out the fridge from all the relatives’ random food
  • Yay for the shortest day of the year being behind us, and longer days on their way!

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