Choosing a Holiday Menu

Greetings readers!

This Monday has been a pretty low-key day. I started off this morning with a nice 4 mile walk with Sheff. I was definitely overdressed, as it quickly warmed up after about mile 1, but we made it back with no problems.

I also edited some Christmas photos with Google’s new editing tool Picnik. It’s amazing!!! It’s similar to Picasa, but with more features, and the whole program is online. I really enjoyed using it. I sent a few prints off to Walgreens and picked them up this afternoon.

While at Walgreens, Jenna decided she wanted to be brave and get the H1N1 shot, being a high-risk college student with asthma and all. Well… after waiting 45 minutes – she finally was seen by the pharmacist who gave her a very painful injection. She’s spent the rest of the afternoon moping around the house, in a make-shift sling. Poor girl. She tried to take tylenol, but has difficulty swallowing pills – so they ended up projecting across the room from the back of her throat. I tried to be sympathetic, but it’s kinda funny.

While she was waiting to be seen at Walgreens, I spent some time researching in the vitamins/supplements aisle. It’s truly amazing how many vitamin/mineral products are now on the market. Chewable vitamins must have been the last big thing… now we have:

  • Multivitamin packets that you pour in your water bottle?? Seems like a nice thing (especially for those plagued with pill-swallowing-inability like my dear sister), except they’re really expensive. Two doses were 99 cents. No thanks.
  • Centrum One-A-Day for Teens (his and her varieties). I was curious to see what they pumped up for teenagers – looks like it’s more vitamin C and all the B vitamins. Not really sure why that’s necessary, but a marketing ploy I’m sure.
  • Phytosterols being shoved in as many supplements as they can to lower cholesterol.
  • Flintstones. The beloved chewable multivitamins of our youth. I’ve had some patients taking them, and I had no idea that there were more than one kind! How ignorant of me. There are Flintstones with Iron, Flintstones Complete (adult formula), Flintstones Gummies, Flintstones with Immune or Bone Building Support. whew.

So now that my sister is paralyzed from the H1N1 vaccine, we’ve had to postpone our annual gingerbread house building adventure. I guess we can put that on tomorrow’s list.

Meanwhile… I’m trying to plan the menu for our Christmas Eve Movie & Munchies night (it’s our tradition to watch a movie and eat appetizers on Christmas Eve), as well as the menu for Christmas Day. Yes, probably a little behind, but it’s OK. I’ll get it done :)


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