Tummy full of pizza

Just got back from a delicious dinner at Grimaldi’s Pizza. Yummy coal-fired pizza, like straight from New York! It was a celebratory dinner in honor of my sister’s 4.0 semester at the University of Texas! Way to go Jenna!!



My sister and I split a pesto, mushroom and sliced tomato pizza. ‘Twas very good! The restaurant had wine bottle light fixtures:


Today was a nice Sunday… nothing too crazy. Some errands/shopping with my sister, cooking baking with the sister, catching up on Big Bang Theory with the family, and a little help out in the yard with my Dad.

I’ve been surprised by the 70 degree weather here… I don’t think I packed the right clothes for this! haha, but I’m not complaining!! I hope East Tennessee gets the cold weather out of its system this week. I’m not putting up with anymore of these snow showers when I return!!


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  1. mmm coal fired pizza is the best! Looks good!

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