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Back in Texas!

Finally drove into the driveway around 9pm last night. Good lord that’s a long day! By the end, Sheff was freaking out and insisting on standing in the console of the car – thereby blocking all view in my mirrors, so I was driving through East Texas in the dark with no vision of other vehicles. Not very safe. But we made it!

It’s so good to be back home. Haven’t been here since July! My sister and dad were so proud of their cleaning and decorating efforts in the house. It all looks so nice!


We always have our snowmen parading up the stairs. This year Jenna hung some stockings up at the top – looks good!


Here’s our front yard decorations. Notice the Texas flag hanging proudly! I know some of my friends are astounded that I won’t be supporting the SEC during the National Championships… but I have no connection to Alabama, and with my sister at UT I feel I should support the Longhorns. Plus – my family is going to the Independence Bowl (Georgia vs Texas A&M) after I leave to go back to work (sniff sniff) but they are all supporting the Georgia Bulldogs! yay :)

OK, better get going. We have some shopping and errands to do today, followed by a dinner at a new wood-fired pizza place tonight to celebrate my sister’s 4.0 semester! Sounds good to me!


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  1. ummm…you do have SOME connection to Alabama…ME!! haha, but I guess your family means more….

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