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Rain, rain, go away!

Ugh it’s been raining all day! But… let’s look on the bright side

  • Just on the other side of the mountains, in North Carolina, that rain is snow! So I don’t have to deal with THAT, thankfully :)
  • Today was my last day at work. Yay for a week off!

I got off early today (thanks to the hospital census dropping for the holidays and not too many patients in need of my services) and came home to get ready for our early morning departure to Tejas!

Gave my boss his Christmas card and gift… this was a debate: to gift or not to gift for the boss? My mom had read that it’s not appropriate to give your boss a gift, in the chance that it looks like you’re sucking up. Well, I’m the only dietitian here, not looking for a raise or anything, just trying to say “thanks for being a great boss for my first few months!”. I figured a small iTunes gift card would be appropriate, and well-received. I also got my second Christmas card today – from a very nice and friendly member of the kitchen staff at the hospital.

So now I’m procrastinating from packing and baking peppermint brownies instead! Yes, I’m on a bad sugar-high today. At work, our bookkeeper brought in fudge, then I came home and had a few Hilaries, and now I’m baking brownies. Bad bad bad. But… in my defense: the cookies were intended to go home to my dad and sister… then my mom and I ate most of them, so now I’m baking the brownies as replacement. And I crushed up a few peppermint sticks to go on top and make them extra special (which will ward off my peppermint-phobic mother) and long-lasting :)


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