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8 days to go…

Today I got my first Christmas Card and Gift!

The hospital handed out their employee christmas/holiday gifts today. 2 free movie tickets sounds good to me! Apparently last year’s gift was a turkey…. I’d much rather the movie tickets! I’ve really been wanting to see Invictus, so if I don’t get a chance to see it at home with the fam, than that will be on my to-do list when I return to Tennessee after Christmas.

And good news on New Years. It may not be spent with me sitting by myself here on the farm after all! The Boy is going to be able to go back to Nashville early, and hopefully I can get over there to join him for a long weekend! Yay! Excited because:

  1. It will be a month since we’ve seen each other
  2. We can have our Christmas gift exchange
  3. Sheff can come with me and be an apartment dog
  4. It’s the first weekend of the month….. HALF-PRICE SATURDAY AT GOODWILL!! (the Berry Hill Nashville store is so much better than the Knoxville area stores… sorry but true)
  5. The Boy is in charge of planning some fun activities for us. Not to give him any ideas…. but we still haven’t been to Chuy’s, I’m having slight Cupcake Collection withdrawals, and it’s been a while since I’ve kicked his *** in air hockey. Just sayin’

Oh… only the best discovery of the month: HOMEMADE PEPPERMINT HOT CHOCOLATE. I’ve been adding a peppermint stick to my usual no sugar-added swiss miss…. resulting in a delicious minty chocolatey drink. Deelish! Not sure where the peppermint sticks came from, but I found them in the pantry and am putting them to good use! Mmm mmm!

OK, good night!


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