10 days ‘til Christmas!

Are you ready?

Just 10 days left! Hard to believe. I will admit.

At work today one of the staff members had written in the rehab patients’ day area: “10 Days to Christmas! SMILE!”

To which a patient had written bah hambug”

My poor patients. Who wants to spend their Christmas in a psychiatric hospital? Although, if you have no family to go home to anyway, maybe it’s more comfortable at our hospital. In fact, I had a patient tell me yesterday that he’s been wanting to come back for some time now to see his friends. Sad.

Trying to be in the true spirit of Christmas, I usually donate toys/gifts to a particular child in need each year. In high school one year we (my family) adopted a mother and her children from a local women’s shelter – who were working on finding their own home. We bought them bedding, clothes, toys, tons of stuff. It was so much fun! Later, in college, I worked with my dorm hall and adopted a child from the local DCS. I love buying presents for kids – toys today are so much cooler than when I was little!

This year I haven’t been able to find any groups in Knoxville that let you ‘adopt’ a kid. I did take a big bag of food in to donate, but no presents yet for people. Maybe when I’m back in Texas next week it won’t be too late to grab a tag from the Angel Tree at our mall?!

I did bake some cookies today, though! The best cookies – Hilary Clinton’s Chocolate Chip Cookies :) These have been our standby cookie recipe since we found them 10+ years ago. Everyone we make them for falls in love with them. Yum yum yum!

I also mailed all my christmas packages today at the post office! Gifts now sent to Georgia, Mississippi, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas, and Minnesota. Goodness! What’s even more impressive is that there was NO LINE! Hooray for not working long hours and being able to beat the crowds to the post office!

And I’ll leave you with our new snowman ‘gel-cling’ on the kitchen window, looking out at the mountains…




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