Back to the Track…

I thought I should share my latest decision on the fitness front….

I finally picked my next half-marathon!

After debating between returning to Nashville for the Country Music Half-Marathon (my 2nd half-marathon), heading down to Atlanta in March for the ING Half-Marathon (my first half-marathon), or even possibly enjoying warmer weather for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, I decided to keep it local and train for the Knoxville Half-Marathon at the end of March.


I already wrote out my training schedule – starting at the new year… it will give me 3 months to get ready!

This will be the first year that I won’t be training with The Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Society “Team for Training” Program. I’ve worked with the Athens, GA team through the winter of 2007/2008, and then as a team captain for the Nashville walkers the next year. Looks like this year I’ll be training all on my lonesome :(

Good thing though? I won’t have to wake up before 6am every Saturday this winter!! And Sheff will have to become good at distance walking… because I don’t want to be doing these long trail walks by myself!

I am slightly concerned about the hilly course, but we’ll see how it goes, right?!

So… here’s to a fun 3-4 months of training, and hopefully a mild winter here in East Tennessee!


3 Responses

  1. how was the nashville course? i’m thinking about running the half there but i’ve heard it’s hilly! hope the real world is treating you well- i’ll be joining you there shortly!

    • Rachel! The Nashville course really isn’t that bad. There are some hills, yes, but it was much flatter than the ATL course I did the year before. You should do it! Let me know if you are… I may come and do it with my friends who are still there. We could catch up!

      • I’m about 90% sure i’m doing it- but I’ll let you know when I sign up. I’m trying to commit before the price jumps from 85 to 105 (gulp) It would be great to catch up!

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