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Happy Friday everyone! Like my little Christmas Sweater Tree in my office?


I thought it brought some much-needed spirit into my office. I only wish I had a way to play Christmas music in here! Even though I’ve recently discovered grooveshark.com, it’s blocked from our work computers. Maybe Santa will bring me a cheap stereo thingie that I can use in here to play some music in 2010. Geez, can you really believe it’s almost 2010!? wow.

Work is going well. I finally got my own phone number and voicemail set up (I’ve had a phone in my office the whole time, but no one knew the phone number… so I’ve been unreachable this whole time… maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing?! haha). I’m also getting a little busier at work, setting up some new IT systems in the kitchen which are now working well.

I also have been getting buried in literature about the food/drug interactions with patients on lithium. I feel like a moron for not knowing this before (I vaguely remember studying it for the RD exam), but now need to implement some type of education system for my patients, since a fair number of them take lithium. Consistent fluid and sodium intake… here we come!

So one week left here at the farm before driving back to Texas with my mom and the doggies. Hard to believe I haven’t been back home since the Coldplay concert in July!! I wish I could be home for more than a week; I know it will go by so fast, but after hearing from some of my other new-RD friends, I’m grateful to be able to take off the whole week at least.

Anyone have fun weekend plans? My list looks something like this:

  • Mail christmas cards and gifts
  • See the movie Invictus
  • Say goodbye to Minnesota relatives who’ve been staying here for a few weeks
  • Catch up on DVR shows!

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