Napping in the Bathtub

So we’ve had some terribly strong wind today at the farm. A bad part of living on top of a hill by the mountains. The worst part is that my already-anxious dog, Sheff, is scared to death of strong winds.

I started getting text messages at work this morning saying

“your dog is hiding in the bathtub”


your dog is wedged between the dryer and the wall, shivering”

your dog has dragged his blanket into the shower and is taking a nap”


Poor buddy.

Our wind advisory is supposed to continue until 1am, so hopefully he’ll be able to settle down and sleep tonight. I seem to recall this same thing happening a month ago?


3 Responses

  1. poor thing! Hope it calms down so he can relax!

  2. YOur bathroom is so clean. No wonder he can sleep there! :D

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