Greetings y’all!

Sorry I’ve been so bad about posting this week. It’s been a busy week – Sheff and I have both been sick, and going to be real early. I wish I could blog at work, when I’m sitting there with nothing to do!

So glad the weekend is here! I had planned to have the weekend to myself, unfortunately spending it with a lot of deep-cleaning, as the relatives begin pouring in Sunday for Thanksgiving. But after a long craigslist ordeal buying a $500 electronic drum set for The Boy, he’s up here now for the weekend (to see the drums more so than me… haha).

We had a nice dinner at The Tomato Head followed by ice cream at Sonic. He really wants to go see a movie, but I’m just not up for staying up until midnight (which is still early by his account!). So for now, I’m on the couch, blogging and listening to Christmas music on Pandora, while he assembles the electronic drum set. Have I mentioned that he’s taking lessons now and will soon be a professional drummer in The Music City?? :D

At least now I have a helper for all my weekend cleaning now… haha


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