Welcome November!

Can y’all believe that it’s already November?!?

I had a great weekend with my college roommate / best friend. It was a great weekend, and so much better than sitting here by myself for Halloween!

Friday night was seriously spooky. Felt like Halloween had come early. The weather had been pretty windy all afternoon, and it only picked up during the night. After catching up over coffee, we didn’t head to bed until after 1am. The wind was so loud that our 8 pairs of windchimes on the back porch sounded like a high-pitched symphony. My poor puppy, Sheff, had been anxious and scared all evening (ever since the wind caused a door to slam shut at 4:30pm) and had been hiding in the closet or bathroom. When we finally went to bed, he still couldn’t settle down. He kept shaking and crying, and I couldn’t get him to fall asleep. At 3:30am I searched the house for benedryl, but was unable to find anything. I thought allowing him up on the bed with us would soothe him, but he decided to sit on Mandi instead (luckily she was fast asleep by this point). I didn’t fall asleep until 5am, with the wind howling in the background. When I awoke at 9ish, everything was peaceful outside, and Sheff was fast asleep.

So, not an incredibly restful night, but a fun day. Mandi and I fried up some eggs for breakfast, and then headed to the Market Square area of Knoxville. We perused some fun gift shops (and got ideas for future Christmas gifts!) and then relived our paris-trip at The French Market. A seriously cute little creperie, I had a wonderfully filling mushroom and cheese crepe with a cafe au lait. yum yum!

The afternoon/evening was filled with the following: college football (cannot believe how terrible my dawgs were), movie (The Holiday!), and starting a fire. After many failed attempts, we were finally able to create a long-lasting fire with the help of StarterStix. Who knew making a fire was so hard? But the results paid off :)

Saturday night was a much more enjoyable sleep, although I was awoken at 8am (excuse me, 7am after the ending of daylight savings) by Sheff trying to squeeze under the bedside table in fear. Apparently the smoke alarm in the kitchen was beeping to alert us to its low battery status, which completely freaks out / terrifies my boy. After taking care of that situation, and persuading Sheff that the house was safe, I went back to bed for another hour. Gotta love the extra hour we got today!

We headed to Gatlinburg today, via Pigeon Forge and all its tackiness. It was really a beautiful fall day, and we had fun looking in the little shops in Gatlinburg, counting mini golf places and pancake houses, and finding fellow Georgia fans in the crowds. We ending up scoring lunch at the famed Pancake Pantry with no line or wait! Amazing! I had the wonderful Sweet Potato Pancakes, Mandi had the French Toast, and we were stuffed to the gills upon leaving. Oh, and we also stopped at the Donut Fryer before hand. We were carb loading :)

After Mandi left this afternoon (super excited about returning to law school classes tomorrow!), I did some yard work, house work and coupon clipping. Mandi told me that it’s sad when the sunday paper is my favorite part of my weekend. haha. It’s definitely in the top 3! Dinner was an easy tortilla soup recipe from Jill, one of my fellow Vanderbilt interns who is now married and working in Omaha, Nebraska. She also has a great blog to follow!

  • can of whole kernel corn
  • can of black beans
  • can of refried beans
  • 3/4 cup salsa
  • can of stock (veggie in my case)

Deelish! Now watching Curb Your Enthusiasm in honor of The Boy, and then heading to bed. Gotta get ready for Monday!



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