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Friday the 30th

Today is a day to celebrate:

  1. It’s Friday!
  2. My best friend from college is coming to visit this weekend!
  3. 6 month anniversary with The Boy :)
  4. 4 month anniversary of leaving Nashville :( and coming to the farm :)
  5. 6 weeks (and 3 paychecks) at my job!
  6. Beautiful fall weather!

And so… a celebratory breakfast is in order, am I right?

Ever since I entered the real-working world, I’ve been terrible about not making breakfast at home. I tend to grab something pre-packaged and eat at work. What kind of dietitian am I?! But this morning will be a delicious bowl of banana-flax-almond butter oatmeal, in our favorite celebratory cupcake bowel bowl (oops!).

Best Friend isn’t leaving good ole’ Athens GA until 5ish, so it’ll be a looong night. That’ll give me plenty of time to hit the gym after work, take in the recycles, clean up the house (vacuuming mass quantities of dog hair is in order) and bake my beloved chocolate pumpkin muffin tops!!


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