Sunday Night!

Well, it’s been a great weekend, but now time to get ready for bed and to start the new week!

The Boy and I had fun this weekend. We did get to go see Where the Wild Things Are Friday night. Not sure what to say about the movie – it wasn’t what I expected (although I don’t know what I was really expecting it to be).. kinda slow, kinda sad, but I did love the big wild things, adorable characters!

And, The Boy finally got his wish for go-karting this weekend. We drove up and down Pigeon Forge’s parkway, evaluating all possible go-karting locations (some promise speeds of 40mph.. however they looked sketchy), until we settled on the Nascar Speedpark.

So I have now go-karted. It wasn’t as scary as I had anticipated, and I definitely slowed down around each turn to ensure optimal safety. I was lapped numerous times by all the cars, and was convinced that my car just wasn’t as fast as the others. Until… at the very end I realized that I had been riding the break the entire time. hahahah! A funny story for the next time. :)

Saturday evening was spent watching college football: Tennessee’s game (terrible, terrible), Vanderbilt’s game (a close call, but The Boy wasn’t expecting too much from his team), Texas’s game (power to the longhorns!), etc. Dinner was stuffing (in honor of Thanksgiving approaching), salad, and grilled porkchops. I have to say, why do the instructions on the Pepperidge Farm Stuffing mix not say to include an egg?! Without the egg as a binder, the stuffing just falls apart. It definitely needed the egg……

Tonight’s dinner used the leftover stuffing along with a fried egg… deelish :)

Best of all, we got our pumpkins carved! I picked a simple and safe design (BAT), and Corey went with something a little more daring (The Count from Sesame Street). Unfortunately, I don’t have any votive candles, but as soon as I get some, I’ll post pictures of the pumpkins all lit up. They were lots of fun! The Boy wasn’t super excited about sticking his hand in the pumpkin and pulling out all the guts… me comparing it to placenta probably didn’t help either. hahahah!

And now it’s after 10, and School of Rock is on TBS. haha. The kitchen is all cleaned up, coffee maker ready to go in the morning, lunch is packed, I’m showered and PJ’d. Guess the bed is calling my name! Goodnight! :D


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  1. if you ever need a proofreader….(see Paragraph 4)…I am available.

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