Happy Friday!

I can’t blog at work, so I by the time this gets posted it will probably be later in the afternoon/evening, but since I have some time this morning (and things to say), I’m going ahead and writing now.

This morning has been quite calm. I woke up half an hour late, and still made it to work earlier than usual. Lovely. And got here to see that I have no consults for patients, haha. I do, however, have a few patients to follow-up on (the ones who won’t eat, so I’m checking up on them to make sure they’ve been drinking ensure or at least getting some form of calories in their system). I just had one schizo patient get all angry with me and say “Why are you so obsessed about my eating?! If I want to eat, than I will, if not I won’t!”. Fun times at work!

The hospital has also been full of nursing students this week. Reminds me of my days as an intern, sitting around, trying to stay out of everyone’s way, and fill in mindless worksheets and definitions projects. But I have to say, I don’t envy these guys…. They have to sit in on the group therapy sessions :)

Also, I seem to have missed out on the memo that says people wear jeans on Friday. So, of course, I show up in black pants and feel like in ijit. Next Friday I’ll definitely be sporting some denim. However, I will not be wearing bright orange, which apparently is the way it works all around East Tennessee on Fridays, game weekend or not. Maybe I should wear my red and black? I don’t even know who we’re playing this weekend… or if we are. Terrible fan I am!

And so, The Boy is coming this evening for his weekend visit. I’m quite excited to see him. He was also sweet enough to go shopping for me at Trader Joes yesterday and stock up on the things I can’t find in this part of the world. He braved Green Hills traffic just for me! (although I got to hear all about it later..). Anyway, our weekend should be fun. The planner/dictator in me has some plans: Where the Wild Things Are, pumpkin carving, corn maze, and go-karting. So 75% of the activities are my ideas, 25% are for him. Haha. Maybe I should work for a better, 50-50 balance?

I’m also contemplating joining Netflix. The cheapest plan is $9 monthly, allowing you 1 DVD at a time, with as many exchanges as you want (probably no more than 8 movies a month). We’ll see if I’m going to be doing movie-watching or not. Honestly, I have a year of free Cinemax and 3 months of free Showtime and HBO with my new DISH package, so I may have enough of a movie selection to keep me busy for a while. Plus, now that I have a DVR I’m able to set all my regular shows to record, and therefore go to bed whenever I want! I’ve always hated that about Eastern Time Zone; who wants to stay up so late to watch TV?! Not me :)


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