Wednesday at the funny farm

Greetings all!

It’s been a beautiful fall week here – sun and mild temperatures all day. Of course, we also had our first freeze of the year… bye bye big batch of basil in the garden! Why didn’t I harvest you before you were so brutally murdered by the cold?

Speaking of murder… how would you feel about sitting down and providing weight loss education/counseling for a 400 pound murderer? Yeah… me too. Hoping to get out of that one. Haha

Work has been surprisingly busy today. Worked my first 9 hour day yesterday. Not fun. But I actually have some projects going on, in addition to seeing my patients, so it’s keeping me on my toes. I’ve also been told by staff that I’m “the best dietitian” they’ve ever worked with. Can’t complain about that, can I? Apparently no one is used to the dietitian talking to the rest of the hospital staff and asking for input. We’re in the process of making a lot of changes to the kitchen/menu/diet order system, and I don’t know how on earth I’d do it without talking to the staff and getting their ideas. Maybe I’m not going to make a great communist dictator after all! Hahaha. For those of you who don’t know me well, just ignore that last sentence.

I have 3 great weekends coming up: first, a visit from The Boy, who I hope will finally get to ride the go-karts after so many rainy weekend attempts. He’s even willing to carve pumpkins with me :)

The weekend after that is a visit from my college roommate who I haven’t seen in a YEAR and am super excited about having her come stay.

And the weekend after that is the first mini intern reunion – a gathering of 5 of us in the southeast area, which will also be super exciting. Yay for having visitors!! And then, can you believe it, it’ll just be 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving. Holy cow. Time is flying. I feel like I need to start my Christmas shopping and Thanksgiving menu prepping. Well, my mom has taken care of a lot of that.

Anyway, better get back to work. I have plenty of people with high cholesterol that are in dire need of my help. Because their lipid profile is way more important than their drug/alcohol addiction, unmedicated psychoses or suicide attempts, right?! :)


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  1. Now way! You’re supposed to consult with a murderer?!? Will he be hancuffed? Sounds like your job is far from boring!
    Have a great weekend!

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