Friday at the Maxx

Yay for the weekend! I got to move into my new office at the hospital, which was exciting. I still have to get my office phone and printer set up, but so far it’s nice to have an office that’s not in the kitchen, next to the hot and steamy dishroom.

I spent part of the day writing a letter of recommendation for one of my college professors. It wasn’t even a professor I remember very well – he called me out of the blue earlier in the week, asking for a letter of support for a teaching award he’s been nominated for.  It was hard! Now I know how all those professors feel when they’re bombarded by students asking for letters, especially when they don’t know them well.

On my way home from work, after dropping off the letter for FedEx Overnight ($17!!!) I stopped by TJMaxx. Did I mention that today was payday??? haha. But seriously, I’ve been a little worried about this weekend’s cold forecast (mostly in the 40s and snow expected up on the mountains) and the fact that my winter clothes are still in Texas. And so… I found a nice fleece jacket for $16. But what else? A pair of cupcake flannel pajamas for $12!!! I couldn’t resist them, so I snatched them up. And I also bought some adorable little birdie notecards, for all those moments when you want to send a note to a friend. The cashier said “Looks like someone will be staying warm this weekend!”. That’s certainly my plan!

We have some guests this weekend – my mom’s cousin and his wife are here for their fall getaway to the mountains. The dogs are already showing off all their bad behavior.

Tomorrow is Georgia vs Vanderbilt in Nashville. Wish I could be there for the game. The Boy and I could go as alum, and cheer against one another! Anyway, the dawgs better win this one or we’ll all be seriously sad.

Adios and happy weekend everyone!


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