Best day at work so far!

Today’s been the best day at work thus far. Also my longest day, but I’m not complaining!

I had a meeting this afternoon with some high-up ladies at the hospital, discussing my role, projects for me to work on, things to improve, etc. I may get to start teaching some group nutrition classes for the patients (sure those will go over great!), changing the diets that doctors can order, and re-writing some of the hospital’s nutrition-related policies/protocols. Fun! Well, may not sound fun to you, my little reader, but I like having more than 1 thing going on at a time, and this helps me feel more connected at the hospital.

Plus, I get to start going to meetings with the medical staff, meet the doctors, tell them to stop ordering ridiculous diets that the kitchen can’t make, etc.

But the BEST part of the day is that I got my new office!! Finally! :) I’ve only been here 4 weeks waiting. So, tomorrow is going to be a very exciting Friday as I start to add personal touches to the my very own office. Some photos, a calendar, fall/halloween decor, and a bunch of nutrition books. I can’t wait!


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