Salad and Peanut Butter

Greetings y’all,

I have to share a moment with you from one of today’s patients. Keep in mind, this is a 450pound young man, whom I think might be mentally challenged to some degree. He was super proud to tell me that he does indeed enjoy salad (along with little debbie cakes, bowls of ice cream every night, and mass quantities of ramen, canned ravioli, bacon, and other high-fat casseroles). When I asked about his use of salad dressing, he says he dips his salad ……. and I expected him to say “in dressing on the side”, but no…. he dips his salad in peanut butter!!!

I really try not to laugh when my patients say such things. But really…. haha.

Other news from today:

Check out this map from NY Times comparing rates of diabetes in every state. I guess it’s no huge surprise that the states in the southeast have much higher rates. But I always like to see things like that. Makes me want to go be an epidemiologist :)

Also, kudos to the Baltimore City Public School System for being the first in the country to implement Meatless Mondays for all 80,000 of its students. In addition to exposing all those children to vegetarian meals, they’ve also partnered with local farms for fresh produce, and created a 33 acre teaching farm, where students can learn hands-on where food comes from. Great job!!

And.. for those who enjoy or are baffled by the social phenomenom that is twitter, check this out! :)


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