A truly crazy day at the funny farm

You know, I’ve been thinking it’s a good thing I don’t consume alcohol (let alone anything carbonated), because days like today would turn me into quite the drinker.

I don’t know what is going on, if it was last Monday’s full moon (yes, I follow the lunar calendar now), the cold front, or the moon bombing, but the hospital was truly crazy today. Every unit was dealing with some crisis or another.

I witnessed my first fight, in the adolescent unit. 2 guys really tried to kill each other. I froze in the middle of counseling my patient, scared to move or get involved. My patient froze too, quietly. Oh wait, he’s been quiet the whole day because he doesn’t talk. He’s not talking, or eating, as a way to focus, improve his concentration and ‘find the meaning of life’. Well good luck to him. I told him I’d let his liquid fast go for a week (as long as he drinks 3 cartons of milk and 2-3 ensures) but then he’s got to start eating solid food again. The crayola marker and paper method of counseling was a first for me, but seemed to work.

And then we had a male patient who was found smoking. Have no idea how he managed that – all their possessions are taken away upon admission. So he was busted, big time. And another guy who was sent from jail and was needing to be sent out for an x-ray, but no one knew how to get him there and back safely, without him escaping. I left the unit before they came to a conclusion.

Oh, and then there’s the woman who won’t eat any dairy, grains, sugars, or soy, due to “sensitivities”. She’s in the same unit as the manic woman who was caught on the phone, ordering shoes for everyone in the hospital. Oh lord….

On the plus side, I had a really good diabetes education session with a man who had no idea how to manage his diabetes. He also only eats 1 meal a day (and is taking INSULIN!!) because he doesn’t want to eat in front of his girlfriend’s 6 dacshund puppies, makes me feel guilty. I tried to persuade him that the puppies would probably allow his nourishment. Sigh….

Oh goodness. So glad to be home. And we have Dish Network! I’ve already watched Barefoot Contessa and Gilmore Girls. It’s nice to be back in touch with TV shows :)

Dinner tonight is butternut squash risotto, based loosely off this recipe, but no blue cheese, and throwing in some pine nuts because my mom and I love pine nuts.

Have a good night everyone! Don’t forget to watch House and Big Bang Theory!! :)


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