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Sunday’s Thoughts

Here are a collection of my thoughts for the day:

  • I was excited to find this creamer today at Target. I have no idea if it will compare to Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, but it’s worth a shot and so much cheaper! Should make my commute through farmland this week more delicious :)
  • I also picked up the new CD from Michael Buble today. Anyone listened to it yet? Thoughts??? It’s been a while since I’ve heard much from him, so yet another reason to be excited about my commute this week.
  • Is anyone else in love with the girl from the new Windows 7 commercial, and how she adorably mispronounces “responsive” into re-ponk-insive”??? I can’t get her voice out of my head. So cute. Maybe she needs to be adopted…
  • CVS coupons and ExtraCareBucks were my friend today. After scouring their weekly flyer from today’s paper, and comparing to my clipped coupons, I was able to stock up on detergent, deodorant, body wash, and pumpkin carving utensils and save almost $15. Gotta love it!
  • This time tomorrow and we’ll have DISH TV! Meaning I can record my shows (although I’m definitely watching House live… but maybe Big Bang Theory can wait) and have a channel selection greater than 10. I also lucked out and got HBO free for 3 months, so I’m hoping that’ll let me see the Seinfeld reunion! The Boy has been pretty pumped about it. As few Curb Your Enthusiasm shows as I’ve seen, I think it’ll be good. :)
  • Dinner tonight: leftover mock crab cakes. Not sure what’s on the side. Maybe I’ll whip up a nice rice pilaf or something. I need me some grains :)


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