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Fry me to the moon

Did anyone else get up to watch the live images from NASA’s moon blast at 7:30am? I heard about it yesterday and, being the science nerd that I am, had my quaker oatmeal squares and earl grey tea ready in hand to watch this morning :)

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with the images. I was expected to see the rocket hit the surface, and this huge plume of moon dust/debris/miraculous H2O to fly up into the atmosphere, but no such luck. The satellite images just showed a regular moon-like cratered surface. So, no exciting science morning for me. But the folks at NASA are happy with the result, so all is well.

But what I am really excited about was last night’s wedding on The Office between Jim and Pam. Even though this season has had a rough start, earning minimal laughs from yours truly, this episode was wonderful. For anyone who missed it, this is all you need to see :) Hopefully The Boy doesn’t get any ideas. When that youtube video first hit it big, he was obsessed…

Today was a tiring day at work. I had my first chart audit by my regional manager. Two thumbs up for me; looks like I’m doing a good job with my patients. But the patients of the day were just not my pick of the crop. Here’s a sampling:

  • A man who “might have TB, or maybe hepatitis or HIV” so I tried to keep my distance and wear a mask. But really, if he does have TB, we’re all in trouble.
  • A terribly manic woman (stopped taking her lithium months ago) who I was supposed to educate about her newly diagnosed diabetes. Skip to the end: I gave her a sheet of high-sugar foods to avoid, she folded it up, jumped up and starting running around yelling “yeah, you can’t tell me what to eat, I’m going to eat all these sugary foods, yeah”.

So now I’m back at home, ready to wind down and enjoy this rainy weekend. Go dawgs for tomorrow!!


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