Vegetarian at Ruth’s Chris

Just returned from my weekend in Nashville for The Boy’s birthday. A fun weekend to be had by all. Quick recap:

  • Friday afternoon in Nashville, while The Boy finished his meeting/work, I visited a few of my favorite Nashville places – Trader Joes, Davis Kidd bookstore (where I read a bit and enjoyed the peace and quiet in their downstairs alcove of Green Hills Mall). Stopped by Starbucks for my first Pumpkin Spice Latte, in celebration of fall, and headed to Centennial Park. My favorite park around, I sat on one of their many swing benches and people watched for a while and caught up on the phone with my college roommate. Once the latte was finished (excellent choice, might I add!) I did a nice 2 miles around the park and observed my fellow park-goers. I spotted a couple having engagement pictures taken, emo kids feeding the ducks, Vanderbilt students publicly displaying affection, and a man dressed head-to-toe in an astronaut suit, surrounded by curious police officers. Always a fun day at the park :)
  • Dinner at Moe’s, a favorite of both The Boy and I. Can’t beat a $3 dinner!
  • After-dinner movie: The Invention of Lying. A highly recommend it – it was not only a really funny movie, but also one where you can pick up on a lot of clever lines if you pay attention. At 11pm, I struggle to pay close attention, so I’d probably do well to see it again. A great cast, starring Ricky Gervais, and a host of other celebrities that pop in throughout. And.. such a relief to have a movie enjoyed by both The Boy and I!
  • Saturday morning, I was up bright and early and had a morning of errands to run while The Boy slept. I was so excited to stop by Goodwill for their 50% off day – the first Saturday of the month – and managed to find 6 pieces of winter clothing for $16! That will certainly help until I can get my winter wardrobe brought up from Texas :) I stopped by Target and perused the dollar section, picked up breakfast at Panera (love their egg and cheese sandwich on ciabatta!) and The Boy’s surprise ice cream cake from Maggie Moos STP82452

  • In the afternoon, we went to Cheekwood in Belle Meade, a beautiful old home and gardens. This weekend had free admission for the community, so we took advantage for the beautiful fall day to enjoy an afternoon in the gardens. Would be a perfect place for a picnic! Cheekwood was having a display of scarecrows throughout the gardens, each one created by various groups throughout the area. Here are a few of our favorites:


“Scary Potter”



  • Dinner was a surprise reservation at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The Boy had had a hard few weeks at work and has been craving a good steak. Plus, in the months that we’ve been together, I’ve heard him rave about the magical ability of the chefs at Ruth’s Chris, so I knew he’d be ecstatic to go there. Plus, I just got my first paycheck that morning, so I felt like a splurge. As a vegetarian, I was able to order the potato/vegetable plate, choosing 3 sides to make a yummy meal. Both The Boy and I enjoyed the potatoes au gratin, and I also ordered the sweet potato casserole and sauteed mushrooms. May I just say that those mushrooms were the best I’ve ever tasted in my life!!? I don’t know how they were prepared, but the flavor was just amazing. And, might I add, much cheaper than his filet :)
  • So, at the end of the night, a very satisfied carnivore and his herbivore girlfriend headed home for cake, presents and TV. I was absolutely freezing (the temp had dropped down to the frigid 50s) and curled up in my blanket, while The Boy flipped through South Park, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Rocky II and The Mummy Returns. It must be some innate male behavior to channel surf. haha
  • Sunday morning: Church, brunch at Cracker Barrel (where I perused the store and got excited about seasonal decorations!) and then I headed back to East Tennessee. Much cooler weather today, so not a bad day to be driving.

Happy 25th Birthday to The Boy!!


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