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75 and sunny

A lovely Sunday afternoon here. We just got back from a fun day of shopping (mostly). Started at Hardee’s to get my mom a country ham biscuit (she’s become obsessed with them!)…. and I might have had a biscuit myself. I wasn’t too excited to see the woman in the kitchen open the biscuit with a pair of tongs and squirt some ‘butter’ (also known as yellow-colored-oil) out of some squeeze bottle into the middle of my biscuit. Darn. Probably won’t be going back again. Why am I eating at fast food places anyway?!

We made it to the West Knoxville shopping mecca of Turkey Creek. Seriously, this place is like an entire city of stores and restaurants. Think of pretty much any chain store or eatery you know of in this country, and it’ll be here. This place is massive. We did lots of shopping, with good deals found at Belk, HH Gregg, Earthfare and Super Target.

Belk had all their clearance an additional 40% off, so I found some great Nine West shoes for work, as well as some clothes and a chain for my RD cookbook charm, all for less than $50!

HHGregg had a great deal on a 8GB SD card for my camera. My current card is getting full – still has pictures from my college graduation trip to Europe, so I figured it’s time to start anew. Also time to burn those photos all on CDs so they’re safe and sound.

At Earthfare, I was on a mission to find reasonably-priced almond butter, as I have just finished my latest homemade batch. I was hoping to find Barney Butter, especially after all my bloggers’ raves about it, but didn’t see any. Most jars were at least $7-10, so I decided to just buy almonds in bulk and continue to make my own. Until…. I saw the machine where you can grind your own nut butters in-store! The almond butter was priced $4.99 per pound. We made a small tub, which ended up costing under $2!! I’ll test it out for tomorrow’s lunch, and if it tastes good (not sure if it’s salted or anything) than we’ll do this in the future. I don’t mind making my own, it is a lot of fun, but this sure is easier!

And Super Target…. how can you not have fun in this store!? I haven’t been to a ‘super’ version of the store in years, and almost found myself getting lost. But I did end up finding what I needed, as well as some great samples in the grocery section. Have any of you seen the new Pumpkin Hershey Kisses ?? They’re pretty tasty. There was also a lady sampling the parmesan Stacy’s Pita Chips and had no idea what a big fan I was. I think I scared her a little. :)

On our way back, we were dehydrated and decided to stop at Sonic for happy hour. I’d never tried one of their flavored limeades that everyone raves about. My mom loves the cranberry limeade, so I tried the strawberry version. I asked her if it was carbonated, and she said she didn’t think so. After waiting in our hot car, the carhop finally brought our drinks, I paid, and took a big sip of my cold, fruity beverage. And…. my throat was instantly attacked by the bubbles of carbon dioxide!! My mom of course seemed not surprised, but said she “didn’t remember” the carbonation being there. Wouldn’t this sensation be quite memorable?! Guess not. So we drove off, me in a bad mood because now I was even thirstier, after this trick. Stopped at Exxon for gas, and I ran in and bought a cold Starbucks mocha in a bottle. Much better :)

So now we’re back home and the dogs are running around outside, burning up the energy they’ve had being stuck inside all day. Hard to believe it’s so beautiful when yesterday was a  non-stop flooding day. It wasn’t a particularly good day, so I won’t recap. If you’re really interested, know this: I drove to town without an umbrella, ended up buying $5 for some crap umbrella at Dollar General, slipped and fell in entrance to the library, made it home after errands to find out that we will not be getting cable anytime soon. I know, the installation was supposed to be yesterday, but they claimed they weren’t prepared to run a cable to our house (was this NOT what we told them!?) so now a return trip will be made later this week. But of course that’s just to run the cable, not get anything installed inside. Grrr. Oh well, if I’ve made it 2 months with dial-up I guess I can wait a little longer.

I’m just thankful that I have ABC so I can watch tonight’s season premiere of Brothers and Sisters!!

Quick side notes:

  • Is anyone else surprised/sickened that stores already have Christmas stuff out? Hobby Lobby even has it all 50% off. wow
  • Get Well wishes go out to all of those who are currently battling the flu (human, swine, or otherwise) and various fall illnesses. Particularly college students and those in my sister’s apartments. Wash your hands, take a daily vitamin, and get lots of rest!

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