My last day being funemployed…

Happy Rainy Weekend readers!

This weekend has seriously been a depressing gray and rainy one. Poor boyfriend drove up for a visit, hoping to get to spend a day go-karting in Pigeon Forge, which of course never happened. Next time, I promise!

Instead, he was treated to:

  • a viewing of “As Good as it Gets” (how can a self-proclaimed pop-culture wiz have never seen this!?")
  • a visit to the Tennessee Valley Fair, where I fell in love with the goats.
  • STP82426STP82425

        Meet Sheldon. He was my favorite goat. We walked around all the goat pens (not The Boy’s ideal way to spend a morning) with me talking, waving and petting them all. Most of them seemed far more interesting in eating hay from their neighbor’s pen or head-butting each other, but Sheldon walked right up and let me talk to him quite a bit. Even posed for some photos! I’m not really sure if this is his real show-goat name, but I named him that after the character from Big Bang Theory, who might just win an Emmy tonight!?


      Now this goat made me very sad. Him and all his friends. Why do they not have ears!?! Maybe it’s their breed, or maybe their ears are docked so they don’t eat each others’, I don’t know, but it kind of freaked me out. Don’t they just look slightly strange? My mother says he looks like the dark lord, so we shall name him Voldemort.




      And this guy, well, he just liked to “baaaa” really loudly, smile and show his teeth for the camera. A very smily and happy goat :) Not sure what his name is.

      We actually did some things other than goat-visiting at the fair, but this was by far my favorite part. I think it would be completely wonderful to have some pet goats at the farm with me, but for some reason I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon….

      • Saturday afternoon was a trip to Pigeon Forge, where The Boy turned on the charm and offered to go shopping at the outlet mall instead of go-karting. No, I’m serious! Traffic into Pigeon Forge was bumper to bumper, which frustrates him to know end. We were right next to the outlet, where I jokingly said “let’s just go shopping and wait for the traffic to die down” and he said “yeah, good idea”. I was shocked!! I’m also proud to say that I bought nothing at all, and acted as his fashion consultant (keep your laughter to a minimum little sister….) and helped him find some great bargains at the GAP outlet (my favorite!). He wishes he was rich (as I shall soon be) to buy everything at the Polo Ralph Lauren store. In time my dear, in time :)
      • And, I was also treated to meet his beloved 370Z, named “Zed” (can’t believe I didn’t take a photo!) who came up to the farm with him. He’s a beautiful pearl white, still in pristine condition, who is treated to weekly baths, and nightly “tuck-in”s by The Boy. The farm roads weren’t quite so kind to him though…. definitely more of a city car.

      And so, now it is a rainy Sunday afternoon. Zed and The Boy are headed back to Nashville, and I’m just catching up online at the library before I start my first real-world job tomorrow!!! Strange I know. I received my offer letter/package a few days ago, overwhelmed with all the forms and benefits material to decipher. Wish me luck for tomorrow, although I’m sure it’ll be just a lot of orientation stuff.


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