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Someone has a job!

Big news readers!! I finally got a job!

On the 1 year anniversary of the economy collapsing, and the 3 month anniversary of my internship graduation, I finally heard those words “we’d like to offer you the position”.

I will be working at the psychiatric hospital that I interviewed at last week, as the only dietitian (excuse me, lead clinical dietitian!) in the facility, which will be nice and give me the flexibility to do things my way. I spent the morning yesterday working with their current RD to see exactly what she does and how she does it.

It’ll definitely be a learning curve, since I’ve never done much work in the mental health area before, but I think I’ll enjoy it. And I’m looking at it as my first job, not my entire career, which takes pressure off of the situation.

AND… I start monday!! Ack!! So much to do in these last few days of unemployement….. get a TN drivers license, open another checking account (how can there NOT be a Bank of America near me!?), buy work clothes, etc. So long to the days of me sitting idly, sleeping late and cooking/baking all day. Darn. I also have to start learning about insurance and retirement plans, vacation days and fun grown-up stuff like that.

But how nice will it be to have a paycheck!? And not have to pay rent?! Yes, I’ll be staying at the farm. Sheff, my beloved 9 year old collie/shepherd/retriver mix will be keeping me company. So, from now on you’ll be able to read about me living on the farm, working at a psych hospital and all the adventures in between.

PS. We think we might be able to get high-speed internet through the satellite dish…. :)


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