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Happy Monday!

Good Monday Morning everyone!

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. I spent a good chunk of yesterday making mass quantities of homemade tomato sauce. During our visit to North Carolina, we were given a basket filled with cornfield beans and 42 tomatoes! Once I get my camera and laptop up and running I’ll have to post the pictures from the sauce-making adventure. It was quite a day!

Some things to be excited about:

  • The Boy got his baby this weekend – the Nissan 370Z, known affectionately as “Zed”. He has promised me a visit this weekend, so I’ll get to meet the new vehicle. I’m scared the farm roads are not going to get along with this 2-seater sportscar :( but he seems pretty eager to get back to pigeon forge and go go-karting. Although…. is the Z not just a big real-world go-kart!? hahaha
  • All the TV shows are coming back in the next few weeks! Tonight is the first episode of the Jay Leno Show. Super excited about that one. Although… now that means I have to stay up past 10pm. Darn.
  • The Office returns this Thursday :)
  • I’ve been invited back to the psych hospital to meet and shadow their current RD. Looks promising!

OK, off to deal with fighting dogs and overflowing trash. I’ll be back later (hopefully!)


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