Dunkin’ Donuts and Me :)

Disclaimer: this was written on Thursday afternoon. I have no idea when it will be posted. The glory of dial up internet :)

In honors of the date being 09-09-09 on Wednesday, I felt in need of a treat. Driving back from my job interview, I was reminded of the Dunkin Donuts coupon in my wallet that I’ve been so excited to use. 99cent latte or cappuccino. After reading about all of Tina’s adventures with the iced coffees at DD, I figured it was high time I gave it a shot! Luckily, there was a DD on my way home, so I stopped in for a drink. And then… the aromas of donuts hit me and I realized that you can’t get coffee without a donut, right? :)

I hadn’t tried DD’s coffee before, and wasn’t familiar with their selection. I settled for a small iced mocha swirl latte – basically coffee, milk and mocha syrup. Probably not skim milk, but I didn’t know if it was appropriate to customize one’s drink Starbucks-style at a donut place. It was an excellent drink (and with my coupon I saved about $2 on it!), but basic enough that I think I could make it at home.

And so that is what I’m doing now. Brewing up a pot of coffee to cool and chill in the fridge overnight, and then be able to make an iced latte for free, whenever I want it. Sounds good, right! In order to make it “mocha”, I have debated with pouring in a splash of chocolate milk (only my favorite drink ever!). Chocolate milk in coffee, over ice, sounds gross in theory, but how different is it from coffee, milk and chocolate syrup – the basic recipe for an iced mocha latte!? So anyway… tomorrow we’ll give it a shot (no coffee pun intended, haha!) for our road trip. Driving to the North Carolina mountains tomorrow for my mom’s best friend’s birthday dinner. I’m bringing some delicious german chocolate cookies that I baked this afternoon (and subsequently burned my poor thumb).

Also, have I mentioned how I love that Dunkin’ Donuts has a whole section on their website about local 5K races? They sponsor a few races throughout the country (I’m signing The Boy and I up for the Nashville DD 5K in early November… watch out!) and even have an 8-week couch to 5K training program that you can print out from their website. I love it – a donut shop training you for races. haha. The race in Nashville takes place at Centennial Park (home of the parthenon, and my favorite place to walk and people-watch), has breakfast provided by DD, lunch provided by Applebees, and ice cream from Baskin Robbins. I think the ice cream alone is what will get The Boy to the race :)

Adios readers!


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