Obama and Pollan need to become a team!

Good Thursday morning all,

I have a slew of posts that are forming in my head, many things to share with you all, but first of all I want to take the time to comment on Obama’s speech last night on healthcare reform.

I thought he did a great job with the speech: explained what seems to be a very logical and safe plan, confronted the crazy false rumors that have been spreading, and was adamant that he will not back down on reforming health care. It still boggles me how my conservative friends can be so scared or angry about this reform. Their insurance will remain the same, they have nothing to lose … anyway don’t get me started. The faces on those republicans last night who just sat there, fuming (I swear you could probably see smoke rising from their heads).. I nicknamed them the ‘scrooges’. I’m impressed that Obama has the guts to assure us that this reform will not add to the deficit. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if it did. This is an important enough thing that it would be worth it.

The one thing that he didn’t talk about which saddened me was the reason that we’re sick, the reason that we spend so much on health care…. our obesinogenic society, physical inactivity and overly processed, shelf-stable western diet. Honestly, if we tackled and reformed the food industry, our health care costs would be seriously slashes. But, I agree that health care is a major issue, and I’m glad at least it’s being taken care of (to some degree).

Michael Pollan (our favorite Berkely journalist and figurehead of the food reform movement) wrote a brilliant piece in the New York Times today saying that for health care reform to truly work in the long-term, we will have to take on the food industry next, and how the insurance industry will actually back us (talk about support!). I strongly suggest you to all read this. Let me know what you think! I don’t know if Obama is crazy enough to reform both of these hugely powerful industries during his time as President, but kudos to anyone who will!


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