The search for a paycheck continues…

Greetings readers!

Is anyone else excited that today is 09-09-09!? How fun! I feel like I should do something special in its honor. Perhaps a cupcake is in order :)

I had a very interesting interview yesterday at a nearby psychiatric hospital. Definitely not a place I’d ever have thought I might work in – police patrolling the area, all doors are locked, I had to turn in my cell phone at the front desk, etc. But the staff all seemed so nice, and the job would be an interesting opportunity. No medically complicated patients, no tube feeding calculations to do.. it seems like it would be mostly diet educations (weight management, disordered eating, diabetes, cardiac.. etc). The pay and benefits also seem good, so we’ll see. I’m hoping to go back and spend a few hours with their current dietitian and just see exactly how she works/counsels the patients, to try and envision myself in her shoes! She’s leaving for another job in a few weeks, so they want someone to start fairly soon. Who knows, I could be the next psych dietitian! hahaha

In other job-related news, I went to the local school district office this morning for a substitute teacher orientation. Figured that would be a simple way to make some money while I job-search, without having to commit to any kind of schedule. I was surprised by several things: the poor pay ($55 per day without a college degree, $60 with) and the poor grammar from the school district officials! They kept saying “people does ___, and that’s not good respect” or other incorrect singular/plural mix-ups. They also had to give us a verbal demonstration of “what cuss words are” because apparently previous east tennessean subs were not on the same page in this area. Oh goodness….

So… if I don’t get a job in the next week or so (likely) then I’ll go put down the $48 to get my fingerprinting and background check done and start subbing!

This afternoon I have yet another job interview – funny thing is I don’t even know what the job is for. haha. A dietitian called me up the other week with some opportunities she has in the area. I think they’re going to be mostly long-term care positions. No offense, but I really don’t want to work with the elderly. Nursing homes are the most depressing places ever (well, maybe tied with dialysis clinics. Renal is the other area I refuse to work in). But, at this point I’m not saying no to any opportunity that comes my way without knowing all that’s involved, so we’ll go talk to her. I figure it’s always good interview experience if nothing else!

Haven’t been posting too much about the latest good eating around here. I’ve been on a bit of a fried egg kick lately. So good, especially on the leftover naan bread I brought back from Whole Foods. yum! Last night we had a delicious pasta dish with roasted butternut squash – a perfect meal to welcome the beginning of fall! I believe tonight is some sort of mexican casserole. I’ll keep you posted :)


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