Why yes, I am ‘funemployed’

Happy Labor Day readers!

I read an interesting article from today’s Tennessean, about the small group of unemployed 20 and 30-somethings who are taking their time off to have fun – travel, visit old friends and relatives, volunteer, take classes… basically things they wanted to do but didn’t have the time while they were working. They call themselves the funemployed. Haha, I love the name!

Maybe I’m funemployed!? I’ve been able to relax around the farm, take some fun road trips, get my certificate in adult weight management, see friends, etc. Oh, and I didn’t mention that I’m thinking about registering for FNCE next month in Denver! This is ADA’s big annual meeting – the Food Nutrition Conference & Expo. It’s 3 days of great classes, lectures, and of course the expo – which lets you fill your bags full of new food products, nutrition materials, free books, and enough food samples to fill your belly the entire 3 days! I’m so excited. A few of my friends from the internship are going (because their employer pays) but I figured I have the money in savings to go, and if I’m not doing anything better, why not? Plus, I’ve never visited Denver before, so it should be fun!

On to other ‘fun news’… the US open! Has anyone been watching it?! I’ve been limited in my ability, without ESPN here on the farm, but I’m so proud of fellow UGA alum John Isner! Beating Roddick!? Wow! Way to go!! He’s up against 10th seeded Verdasco later today… hopefully NBC shows it so I can watch. I love me some tennis! If I was really funemployed I’d be there myself… but alas I’m not. Maybe next year? :)


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