Photo Update!

I realize that I haven’t been able to post any recent photos… blame it on dial-up internet!

So… here we go!

First up – Annie the miniature lab. More commonly known as “Anna Nanners” “Nanner Pus” “Black Jack” “Jack Black” “Black Dog” or simply “Bad Dog”.


Yes, she’s a 10 month old bundle of energy. Our latest foster who was adopted into our home permanently. She’s having a fun time here at the farm, watching deer and cows (what the heck ARE those things!?), and has recently discovered how easily she can jump over our backyard fence and go explore the 40 acres on her own. On her first solo exploration attempt, she ran through our gate at the street, hit a car driving by, bounced off and bolted straight back into the front yard. Luckily, running into a car was enough of a scare that she stays pretty close now. How could you resist this little face? :)


2. Fun foodie gifts!

STP82357 My mom’s college roommate (the dietitian!) left us with these adorable veggie animal figurines. I got the mouse and my mom got the cow. How adorable are they!? I can’t wait to put it on my desk in my new life (maybe I’ll even have my own office with a desk? haha). There’s a whole series of them at Hallmark stores. Maybe my little mouse will need friends…. :)

3. Zorbing

So… zorbing is one of those crazy get-your-adrenaline going activities that New Zealanders think of when they’re bored. I remember our trip to New Zealand, it seems like every extreme sport/activity originates on that minimally populated island nation. Bungee jumping for instance. yuck. But this one, zorbing, is something else. Haven’t you ever thought to yourself – “Gee, I’d love to climb into a big rubber ball and roll down a hill this afternoon! Man that would be awesome! And maybe strap me in so I’m tumbling upside down until I’m sick to my stomach. Or wait, throw in some water so I splash around the ball and make it like a water slide!” Basically, that’s Zorbing. The only official Zorb location in the USA is right here in Pigeon Forge (home of everything tacky and touristy). The Boy was so excited to try it out when he visited. We drove over there and saw a large group of drunk Atlanta visitors, psyched about their roll down the hill. This is what the scene looks like:


You pick whether you want to slosh around the ball in water, or if you’d prefer to be harnessed in and essentially somersault all the way down.

There are also 2 choices of courses – straight down the hill (pictured above), or zig-zag (get the most out of that $40 trip down a hill).


After watching the Atlantans do their thing, we opted out. My dad realized his back wasn’t up for the task, and The Boy wouldn’t go without me (surprise surprise). Not being one to take roller coasters or any type of thrill ride, I knew this wasn’t for me. And for $40 bucks! You could pay a little more and have a whole day in a theme park! So alas, we took photos of other people and headed out. I promised The Boy to bring him back if he changed his mind (or brought grad student friends who would do it with him… haha). So then it was off for some mini golf instead (much more my thing!!).

4. Food Show –  Thought I’d throw in this gigantic food cart that was parked at the Knoxville Food Show we visited last weekend. There were huge motors on it, so I think it actually moved! But not with the crowds of overweight Americans everywhere…


That’s all the photos for tonight, folks. I hope to have internet connection Tuesday morning and will post this then. I can’t wait until I’m somewhere where I can post and read blogs anytime!


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