Sitting in a room of dietitians


I’m back in Nashville this week for a 2.5 day certificate program in adult weight management. It’s fun to be sitting in this huge conference room full of dietitians. Plenty of apple munching right now for morning snacks. I think there’s a total of 3 men in the room. Also plenty of people with fascinating stories – those who have been dietitians for decades and have experienced all the change in our field, and plenty of new graduates, and some adults who have gone back to school to earn their RD.

It’s so good to be back here in Nashville. How I’ve missed it! I got in yesterday, and took The Boy to kroger to stock up on groceries. I’m so proud of him for cooking new recipes now. We still have a long way to go as far as making healthy choices, but just getting him to eat more meals at home is a huge step!

We also stopped by Belmont University’s campus for a free jazz concert by their faculty group. Really an amazing group of musicians, many of whom have recorded with the music industry here in town, and been nominated for/won Grammy awards. But what really felt weird was being back on a college campus, sitting in an auditorium full of new freshman students, attending the concert to receive class credit. Lots of introducing, talking about what classes they’re in, what they want to drop, what professors are great, etc. That seems like so long ago! And of course, it was easy to pick out the honors students – who else sits there talking about the amazing abilities of their professors, how much value they’re getting out of certain classes, etc. Oh honors students…. I think I could’ve done just fine without the program at Georgia. All it got me was my first (and only) B, and small classes with some really weird kids. haha.

I guess I should get back to the lectures in this course. Not sure what’s on task for the evening. Oh wait… THE US OPEN IS ON THIS WEEK! YAY FOR TENNIS! :)

PS. Can you believe it’s already September!? That means fall is just around the corner, and summer is in the bag. It’s weird that this is the first time in my life not to be ending the summer and starting school, let alone a new job. I do have some interviews set up for next week when I’m back at the farm, but I have to say that I’ve actually enjoyed the time off (R&R) a little bit more than expected!


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