Happy Weekend!

Yay for the weekend being here!

And we have a visitor coming to the farm for a brief visit, which is always enjoyable. Yes, that would be The Boy. I hope he’s able to find us without too much trouble in the dark!

My mother is taking the opportunity to bake another of her lemon chess pies, so he’ll be in for a treat. Then, tomorrow we have tickets to hit up the Knoxville Food Show (yay for free food products and samples of new items!) and he wants to go Zorbing in Pigeon Forge (can I just be the photographer? haha).

Not sure what else will be going on this weekend. My Dad is flying in tomorrow, so it’ll be a full house again. The dogs will be excited to have some men in the house!

Last night’s dinner was a delicious leek, mushroom and spinach quiche. We had the brilliant idea to use evaporated milk in place of cream (or the skim milk I usually use) and fell in love with the end product – great texture! Quiche for dinner, quiche for breakfast…. yum yum.

I’m sure there will be pictures from this weekend, so stay tuned!

Also want to say congratulations to Elena who passed the RD yesterday, to my old roommate Kristen who’s moving into her new townhome this weekend with her husband and getting ready to start a job, and to my sister who just finished her first week of class at UT and is considering going vegetarian!! So much exciting news going on everyone – keep it up!! :)


3 Responses

  1. I love your new happy bowl! Hope all is going well in Tennessee. Sadly, it’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m already stuck doing homework. But my forensics class starts on Tuesday, so I’m very excited! Happy weekend -or- ويكاند سعيد!

  2. I did the same thing with the evap. milk but in a mac and cheese recipe- it was fab! I’ll have to try it with a quiche sometime too.

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