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My Delicious Almond Butter


Yesterday I finished off my container of homemade almond butter :( so I dragged out my CuisinArt from its box in the garage, and whipped up another batch. Thought I’d take some photos during the process to show you how easy it is :)

First, roast a bunch of almonds. Easy enough. Pour the nuts onto a baking sheet, stick it in an oven at 300-350 and let them sit for 10 mins or so, until they darken a little and your kitchen is just starting to smell like nuts. But watch it, don’t let them burn!

Now, you may want to let your nuts cool off a little before dumping them into the food processor. I don’t really – just enough time to get the CuisinArt set up.


Now, put on some earplugs and press “ON”. Haha, it will be pretty loud for a few seconds, so this is your warning.

Notice I haven’t added anything here other than the roasted almonds. Just let the food processor do its job, and in a little while you will have created your own almond meal!


Yes, in probably a few seconds, this would become almond meal – just looks like a crumbly, meal. Not quite almond flour yet. But would be great for breading!

I know it seems crazy that this would become almond butter, but just be patient my friends :)

So, back “ON” we go. I would probably add a pinch of salt at this point – to your liking. I’m not big on adding any flavors to my almond butter, although I know some people like to try out cinnamon and other add-ins. That’s up to you! I guess I’m just an almond butter purist!


OK, so at this point, you can see how the oil is starting to come out of the almonds and things are sticking to the sides/walls of our food processors. Every once in a while you can scrape down the sides, but you just have to let it go long enough for all the oil to come out and combine into a nice butter. In a few minutes I would add a little of my canolive oil (I use a 50/50 blend of olive oil and canola oil for everything I do in my kitchen!) just to help keep it cohesive and moist. Again, this is up for debate, not everyone adds oil. I probably only add a tablespoon to the whole batch. You don’t need much! And

After a little more processing, you’ll end up with this lovely creation. At this point, when you’re sure it’s all nice and uniformly buttery, you can add it to whatever container you have on hand, and pop it in the refrigerator!

STP82330 And then the best part of clean up – licking what’s left in the bowl!

I’ve been enjoying almond butter in my morning bowl of whipped oatmeal – talk about a filling, healthy meal! Yum :)


2 Responses

  1. Excellent blog post! Almond butter at the store is way too expensive

    • Thanks Kristie! It really is too easy to make, and as long as you can buy almonds discounted in bulk, a much cheaper option too! :)

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