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One more road trip, coming right up!

Although I whine and freak out about being unemployed with no prospects for an entire 2 months since graduation… I have to admit, it has been nice to have time off, go on trips and see new people and places. Let’s recap the summer’s trips thus far:

Right after graduation was a quick trip up to Minnesota with my parents and sister, to visit extended family and help celebrate my cousin’s high school graduation. Way to go Emily! Expect to see her name on some high-priced photography in a couple of years :)

The boyfriend and I took a fun weekend day trip to Northern Alabama and Chattanooga. We stopped and gawked around at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama, and then had fun exploring Chattanooga, visiting the amazing Tennessee Aquarium (my favorite), and then going down into caves to see Ruby Falls (his favorite). But what I’ll also remember about the drive is that we stopped at a Sonic on the way back, to quench our thirst, and that is where I first fell in love with the mocha java chiller. Yes friends, it may be 500 calories, but it’s all goodness and leaves you full enough that you don’t even need dinner! Haha – is a dietitian really advocating skipping a meal in favor of a coffee-flavored milkshake? Well… just this once ;o

Next up: Anderson, South Carolina with K + E, for Elena’s job interview. We had fun stopping at Ikea in Atlanta on the way… as well as several inside jokes and stories that occurred along the trip. But we all made it back safely, and Elena did indeed get a job offer!
Last week, as I have already mentioned, was the trip up to Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio with the boyfriend. A trip of concerts, family meetings, and car shopping. OH, and he let me take a detour to stop in Elizabethtown, KY! I have had a slight obsession with having my photo taken in this town for the entire past year. And, if it wasn’t for dial up internet, I would post it here for you to see.

“So, what’s up next?”, you may ask. Well… I had been planning a trip over to Charlotte, NC to visit my good friend / former fellow intern and explore the city sometime next week. And then, I got an email this morning at 7am from a clinical nutrition manager responding to a job application I put in last night! I know – crazy right!? How many jobs have I applied to online, without ever hearing anything and then this one responds to me within 12 hours!? So anyway, it’s a big hospital up in Winston-Salem, and they’re looking for a nutrition support dietitian. We talked on the phone this afternoon and she’d love for me to come up and interview while I’m visiting Kathy in Charlotte next week. So yay! 1 road trip, 2 cities, a visit with a friend, and a possible job!


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  1. I should admit, however, that I am fortunate to be living rent-free on my mother’s lovely family estate in the foothills of the mountains, with her for company and our wonderful dogs. It is a very special time in my life that I will treasure forever, and I feel guilty leaving her for my road trips.

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