Please excuse the ranting…

This afternoon has not been very good so far…

After all my phone calls and emails, I finally heard back from the job that I so desperately wanted (and foolishly thought was perfect). A simple email to the effect of “thank you for the email. the position has been filled.” lovely. Thank you so much. I really loved interviewing with you 11 days ago and never hearing a word back, despite your promise to keep me updated on the progress. Ugh. Thankfully, my friend and fellow unemployed dietitian called me a little while ago and we vented together about how frustrating this job search is in this horrible economy.

And not only that… but then I turn on Oprah (which I never watch, but today’s episode was on childhood/teen obesity, so of course I left it on). Big mistake. Should’ve just turned it off. Because I ended up yelling at the TV the entire hour. Can someone please tell me why someone as influential as Oprah Winfrey does not have the sense to bring on a Registered Dietitian to give nutrition advice?!? No, let’s bring Dr. Oz and David Zinczenko (author of the annoyingly famous Eat This Not That series). Because obviously, a surgeon and magazine editor know so much more about nutrition, and what these kids need to be eating than an RD might. Ugh. Seriously, I want to write a letter to Oprah and ask her what she was thinking. I mean, really, how are we RDs ever going to be given credit for what we do/know, when everyone gets their nutrition advice from (almost anyone) else?!

OK, that’s all the venting I’m going to put you through today. Looks like it’ll be back to square one for me on the job search. I’ve applied to 2 today (and already been rejected by 1…) and found another promising one to look into tomorrow (will require an eloquently written cover letter).

Oh I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

But a look to the brighter side: making yummy ranch potatoes for dinner tonight, to go along with my Gardenburger Chicken Patty, and some zucchini (haven’t figured out method of preparation on that one yet).


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  1. you should write to Oprah; she might give you a car or a job or at least listen to you.

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