Back to walking

Good morning all!

After returning from my trip, where way too much time was spent sitting in cars, and not eating regular meals, I knew it was time to jump back on the bandwagon  and get back into shape. So this morning my mom dropped Sheff and I off at the Maryville greenway for a nice 3 mile walk while she ran some errands. The greenway is a beautiful system, actually runs 9 miles connecting Alcoa and Maryville. I was a little overconfidant initially and thought we could do a nice 5 miles, but after about 3 we were pooped. Hot, sweaty, and ready for a break. I hate that I was done after only 3 miles, but I guess this is what happens when you take such a long break from any kind of programmed exercise (I know it must be close to a month now… aaah!).

Anyway, I’d love to be able to do the full 9 miles at some point before I leave the farm. Maybe I can work up to it. I don’t know if Sheff will be up for that distance, but I know a crazy young labrador that will be ;)

We had a delicious vegetarian dinner last night that my mom made – it was a mexican casserole made from brown rice, pinto beans, salsa, corn, sour cream, monterray jack cheese, all mixed up and baked until hot and delicious. I had that ingenious idea to serve it with my Scoops tortilla chips – perfect! I’ll post the recipe here if anyone is curious. It was great and I think will make a yummy lunch here soon :)

OK, better shower and eat some lunch. I have a full day today – calling the car dealer, comcast, scrapbooking, and finishing up my readings for my upcoming class on adult weight management. Bye!


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