Add 2 new states to my list, please!

Hello there!

I’m excited to add 2 states to my “been there, done that” list. Hard to believe that I’d never traveled to Kentucky or Ohio at all, but those 2 are now crossed off. I’m up in Northern Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati, with the boyfriend, staying with his family. We’ve had an enjoyable few days (especially for him) car shopping, concert going, and gambling at an Indiana casino.

So, the boy is completely car obsessed, and drives only fun sports cars. He’s been eying the new Nissan Z car for a while now, and finally made it a reality. Try as I might to point out the downsides (high cost car with grad student income, lack of practicality with only 2 seats and no cargo space, not a good car for poor weather, etc) he had his heart set on it. He picked out the white (thank god he didn’t go with the bright yellow or red!) with black leather seats. Should look something like this:

I have been assured that it will be super fun to ride in, and that we’ll be the envy of everyone around… but I was actually fearing for my life during the test drive on the interstate! Yes, I’ve been spoiled by the total lack of horsepower in my Matrix. But as long as he’s happy…. and safe.

As far as the concert, it was Blink 182’s reunion concert. The Boyfriend was completely psyched about it, being a fan of the band, but mostly their amazing drummer Travis. And I will admit, he was more than impressive. We actually had some really good seats for the show, and I tried to be enthusiastic, but the bands just weren’t my type of music, nor the language, haha. I also managed to feel about 20 years older than the average audience member there. Definitely not a Coldplay audience! haha.

The trip to Kings Island never happened, since today was all car shopping, but we did get a trip in to a casino with some of his relatives. Apart from the smoky and somewhat sleazy atmosphere, a good time was had by all. We started out on the craps and blackjack tables… where he managed to lose all the money he brought. I was not about to lose my money, and just watched and observed. The dealer at the craps table guilted me into rolling one round, and of course I did terrible. I never quite caught onto craps very well, at least how the betting worked, but figured out blackjack pretty quick. Afterwards we went up to the slots, and I played $2 on the penny machines – didn’t make any money but had some fun for a few minutes!

So…. tomorrow will be in the car… driving back to Nashville and then back to the farm. I know my mom and the dogs will be excited to have me back. Cross your fingers for me that I’ll hear something about the job in Nashville and I can make a trip up next week for another interview!!


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