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My celebrity kitchen

I was flipping through the TV stationt this afternoon (all of the 5 or so we get here without cable) and managed to find Julia Child, chopping heads of fish on PBS. So I sat and thoroughly enjoyed her bouillabaisse  episode of “The French Chef” from the early 1960s.

And what, you may ask, is so significant of that? Well, my dear readers, I was shocked (in a good way) to see that as she adjusted the temperature on her stove (so the fish heads could most optimally flavor the fish stock), she had the same stove that my Nashville condo did!! Yes, my Jetsons-esque stove that I always made fun of, having never seen a stove that used push buttons to adjust the temperature. They’re the same as an old blender my mom had. But anyway, that’s what Julia Child was using!!! Man, my landlord needs to market that kitchen like that! haha. And then, as I continued to watch, mesmerized by the fact that we shared kitchen appliances (not her chopping up fish parts), I saw that her oven was the same as mine too!

Darn, makes me miss my old 1960s condo. haha.

In fact, as I was looking online for apartments for rent in Nashville (being optimistic at getting this job), I found that someone is renting out the same 2 bed/2 bath unit in my building, but on a different floor. Of course this one isn’t furnished, but it would be nice to live there again. But not happening, because (a) I don’t have a roommate and therefore can’t afford to pay the full rent, (b) I don’t have furniture to furnish an apartment that size, and (c) if I did buy enough furniture (which honestly I could do fairly easily with the use of garage sales, goodwill and craigslist), I would not want to have to haul every piece up that darn freight elevator to the 10th floor.

But anyway, just wanted to share that I was cooking with the same tools Julia Child worked with back in 1962. Amazing.


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