Greetings from the Farm!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I left Nashville a week ago and headed east, to my mom’s childhood farm just outisde of Maryville, TN. We finally got internet put in the house, but it’s dial-up so blogging is a little more difficult than usual. I’ll try to give a basic recap on what’s been going on:

I am starting to feel like a real RD now. I received my welcome information from our professional/credentialing organizations, and have even begun my journey of continuing education. As RDs, you must earn 75 credits every 5 hours. Well, in my first month of RDness, I will already have 29. Can we say nerd?? haha. I listened to a webinar earlier this week on translating nutritional epidemiological studies (I know, I’m sure you’re fascinated too!). Had to drive into town to go use the county’s library’s free wireless. But it was quite informative. I’ve also signed up for ADA’s Certificate program in Adult Weight Management, which is in a month back in Nashville so I’m excited about the opportunity to go back, see The Boy and my favorite places.

I’m also equally excited, if not more, about a potential job that I interviewed for yesterday. It’s back in Nashville (phone interview, that is) and would honestly be my dream first job. So we’ll see how it goes! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

If things go well with that job, I’m rewarding myself with a trip into Knoxville to one of their cupcake bakeries. How strange that the first thing I do now in a new city is research local cupcakeries?! I think it’s become a new obsession. Could be worse things, right?

Speaking of new cities… I’ll be spending next weekend in Cincinnati with The Boy. He’s dragging me to the Blink 182 concert (not exactly Coldplay… but this is the give and take in the relationship) and a trip to Kings Island (he obviously hasn’t figured out I’m not a thrill ride seeker… maybe my refusal/fear of go-karts wasn’t clear enough!). Of course, I’m also going to look into the things I want to do. Which could include fun local restaurants, bakeries, parks, attractions. You know, Elizabeth stuff :)

So it’s been nice being here, having my R&R as my internship director tells me. Not having to study, or pack boxes of my junk. In fact, I don’t even know what I do all day. We put up a hammock in the back, so I have taken to daily naps out on the hammock, listening to the sounds of nearby cows. It’s also been a good time to catch up on my readings and sudoku, and I have plans in the next few weeks to make a scrapbook of my internship/Nashville year, as well as complete a few paint by numbers. Should be fun!


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